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Once your application has been approved in our program, we’ll provide you with special links to your favourite brands that can be shared in your website, webinars, social network, videos, courses, etc. – no matter the medium you use.


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ParnersMy administers the affiliate marketing for several incredibly successful brands. Sign up with PartnersMy and promote all of these brands in four separate commission structures.


With up to 40% of Revenue Share and 70% of CPA, PartnersMy offers some of the most competitive rates in the industry. We also offer a broad range of rewarding plans, including CPA, RS and hybrid rates.


PartnesMy is exclusive for the affiliated members, no matter their size. At PartnersMy we guarantee the exclusivity and the VIP treatment you need. We believe we are the best in the business and we want you to put it to test.


Your revenue is directly related to the number of customers you refer to our websites, and the earnings they generate. Each of our brands features different commission rate tables. You can get more information in each brand’s section.

Yes, you can promote as many brands as you like. Please, bear in mind that our brands are directed to specific countries. Your Affiliate Manager will help you selecting the correct brands for your channels.

Of course! You can have several websites related to a single affiliate account to promote our different brands and trace the performance for every site, separately.