Don’t pay but for results.

With the affiliate marketing you get an extremely profitable publicity, as you pay only for the results. As an advertiser, using PartnersMy means that you’ll never pay a fixed rate by executing your campaign; you only pay for real customers and for the purchases we link.

Doesn’t matter what type of product or service you offer, our network reaches out to a broad range of customers in every age group.

What’s affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is based on Internet performance, where editors direct the potential customers to an advertiser’s website. This way of commercialization is based on performance, which means that editors only collect revenues when the potential customers complete a defined action in the website, for example, making a purchase.

Cost per order (CPO) is the main difference between affiliate marketing and traditional marketing in the Internet, where payments are usually based on visit numbers for an advertisement or the number of visitors directed to a website.

Since the CPO model means that you, as an advertiser, only pay a commission when someone completes a purchase, this model is financially safe.

Which is PartnersMy role?

PartnersMy gives the advertiser access to the editors. As an advertiser, it’s quite a slow job finding good editors and establish an active collaboration.

The PartnersMy system is also responsible for the click, purchase and other events tracking, and shows real time statistics, something very important for advertisers as well as editors.

Our team also manages the communication between editors and advertisers when questions or problems arise, which makes the advertisers workload much lighter. We offer customized support practically 24 hours a day, so you, as an advertiser, won’t have to worry about it.

If it’s necessary, we also offer advice to our advertisers about how to optimize sales through affiliate marketing. All of the PartnersMy components have years of experience both in affiliate marketing and traditional marketing, which can be a valuable asset for you as an advertiser.

What’s an Editor / Affiliate / Publisher?

An editor is a company or an individual who commercializes other companies products and services for a commission rate.

There are many different types of editor, and it depend on you over which commercialization channels you wish to have visibility. Algunos ejemplos: – Some examples:

  • Blogs / websites / Influencers
    Websites with content encompassing various topics. They may be blogs, sites with product referencing, etc.
  • Cashback-sites
    Websites where customers are rewarded with points or cash when completing purchases in the advertiser’s website.
  • Comparison websites
    Websites that compare products or prices and help customers find the best offer.
  • PPC-Publishers (Pay Per Click)
    Editors who work with the so-called Search Engine Marketing (SEM), where they pay so that their links to advertisers websites are shown in search engines such as Google, for example.
  • Discount coupon websites
    Websites that maintain a list of discount coupons and other special offers from a large amount of advertisers.
  • Any medium
    Webinars, social networks, videos, courses, etc. – no matter which medium you use..

Do you want to know more about affiliate marketing? Please, contact us. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.