Affiliates: prepare to generate revenue

PartnersMy is the choice for the best affiliates of the world for promoting brands and advertisers, as well as increasing advertising revenues to the maximum.
No matter if you’re seeking to monetize your website to earn money in the Internet or to develop an affiliation business, with PartnersMy technology platform you will boost your results.

PartnersMy main characteristics:

  1. Payments security
    You will have a conversion tracing and a payment automation with total reliability. This way, you will receive your earnings certainly and promptly. Furthermore, our platform offers numerous payment options (PayPal, Neteller, Moneybookers (Skrill), deposit into account…).
  2. We offer solid tools and reports
    As different, efficient, conversion facilitating ways of linking; and simple report generation tools.
  3. We have extensive experience in development
    It should be noted that our commitment with the affiliate services is unbeatable; we have a team of experts in software, materials and technologies development, supporting the success and growing of our affiliates.
  4. We comply with advertisers guidelines
    On the other hand, our priority is providing editors with a platform that enables them to adhere to the best affiliation programs in the world and, at the same time, guarantees compliance with the advertiser’s guidelines and an excellent affiliates tracing.
  • Exclusive brands
  • Total transparency
cpa marketing campaigns for affiliates

Main tools for affiliates

Our platform features a flexible and complete user interface, making multiple tools available to users for optimizing the required activities, as: creating more dynamic web contents, supervising results in real time to raise conversion rates, daily optimizing the promotional efforts and increasing earnings from Internet.

Thus, we highlight some of our tools:

  • Affiliation links search
  • Get Code
  • Deep links generator
  • Real time transaction supervision
  • Reporting options
  • Data sources (feeds) for product cataloguing
  • API/Web services
  • Sub-affiliates
  • Link generator
  • Link protection
  • subIds tracking
Affiliate: generate more revenues with PartnersMy

We feature big and exclusive brand advertisers

Our platform is shared by advertisers from different sectors, and among them we feature some in the Top 500 of Internet Retailer. Furthermore, we offer multiple opportunities to associate to renowned brands.

Our vision


PartnersMy administers the affiliate marketing for several incredibly successful brands. Affiliating to PartnersMy will allow you to promote every one of these brands.


With up to 40% Revenue Share, PartnersMy offers some of the highest rates in the industry. We offer a broad range of rewarding plans, including CPA and hybrid rates.


With a managing experience of more than 15 years, and guided by a company philosophy that has stood the test of time, PartnersMy Affiliates defines itself as the perfect business partner for those who seek continued revenues and the progress in the affiliate marketing world. We Are Your Partners.

Why us?

The majority of our affiliates come to us after working with another program and/or not obtaining the expected results. Independently of your circumstances, it’s most likely that we can help you achieve your goals and provide you with a clear revenue analysis.

This is the cornerstone of everything we do. We are concerned with your revenues, your people, your reputation and your specific needs.

We are loyal to ourselves, and we are committed to the maximum performance.