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Privacy Policy

1.1 This Privacy policy describes the practices of obtaining and information management we collect about our clients.

In accordance with the provisions of organic law 15/1999 of December 13th, for personal data protection, we put in your knowledge that the data you provide us, will be incorporated into an automated file whose responsibility is Riverside Marketing S.L. for the management of responses to questions sent through our Contact form.

You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation of your personal data, in the terms provided by law 15/1999 and other rules that develop it by emailing us to: [email protected]

1.3 Please read this privacy policy carefully as it contains important information about how we collect and use your personal data.

1.4 Except as required by the context, main terms not defined in this privacy policy shall be as defined in the general terms and conditions. Acceptance of the general terms and conditions is also part of your contract, so you must read and accept them in conjunction with this privacy policy.


2.1 Your personal data (understood as any information from you that identifies you, such as your name, address, telephone number or email address and to which we will refer throughout this document as "Your Information") will be processed by us (including our agents and employees), and (in case of being required), any other company in our companies group and/or our partners and subcontractors in accordance with this privacy policy.

2.2 To register for any of our Services (or when completing partially the registration form), you acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions of this privacy policy and give your consent to the use of your personal information for the purposes set forth in the this Privacy Policy, both from us and from additional companies in our company group and/or our partners or suppliers, in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

2.3 Please, do not complete the boxes provided for this purpose or provide such information by other means such as telephone and email, if you do not wish to provide us with your information in accordance with the provisions of the privacy policy. However, in that case, we regret to inform you that you will not be able to make full use of the website and Services.

2.4 If at any time you would like us to stop processing your information for any of the purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy, you must contact us and we will take the appropriate measures to stop doing so. Keep in mind that this may require closing your account.

2.5 We warn you that this website contains links to other websites and that PartnersMy is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of such websites and applications.

2.6 We also offer to our visitors a "retract" option when registering their account to stop receiving emails and other information from us. Visitors who wish to choose this option should uncheck the relevant box in the registration process. You can update your marketing preferences at any time by going to "My account/Update marketing preferences" (or similar) on the web (if available) or by contacting our customer service. If (if available) you have opted to receive information about future events, offers and promotions via SMS (text message), you may stop receiving this information at any time by answering back with the word "STOP". Please, to exclude from analytics performed by third parties, send us an email to [email protected] and include the data of your device/computer. Once processed, our external analytics company will discontinue the analytics performed on that device.

2.7 When you opt to download software according to our services, a software notification can also be downloaded to your access device. This allows us to send you notifications about our services directly to your device.  For example, to inform you about new features, updates, service communications, offers, and promotions. By downloading the Software, you are giving your consent to receive notifications. If you prefer not to receive these notifications, you must manually uninstall the notifications software from your access device (for example, by clicking the "What is?" link. In a received notification and follow the instructions "How to uninstall" or accessing through the settings section of your access device).

3. How we use your information
3.1 We use your information only for:
3.1.1 Provide services (including those requested as part of the account opening process) and facilitate the entry of funds;
3.1.2 Allow us to receive questions and comments through our online help section, and to answer to these;
3.1.3 Comply with the corresponding regulations in relation to your registration, for example: age checks; and
3.1.4 (as long as you do not decide to make the "withdrawal"), keep you informed of events and promotional information about us (or any other company within our companies’ group).
3.2 In addition to the broad purposes set out in paragraph 3.1, PartnersMy (and any other company within our companies’ group) only uses your information, including sharing your information with third parties and subcontractors dedicated to processing data (including, where appropriate, your information) on our behalf, to:
3.2.1 To configure and manage your account;
3.2.2 To provide services, and for any purpose connected with such provision;
3.2.3 To verify the accuracy of your information, including revealing this information to third parties (including financial institutions, age verification agencies, and credit information) related to such purposes (a record of the search is kept, and the third party may use the information to help other companies to verify it);
3.2.4 To prepare demographic statistics related to the use of services;
3.2.5 To analyze and record your services and website use to improve our products and our way to facilitate our services;
3.2.6 To prepare and display appropriate ads and content to each user;
3.2.7 To periodically send members written notices to announce major changes in our services, technical updates, and changes in general terms and conditions (including this privacy policy);
3.2.8 To comply with our legal obligations and responsibilities under the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13th about personal data protection and under relevant legislation (any authority having Governmental, judicial or regulatory jurisdiction over us or any company in our group of companies.
3.2.9 To comply with laws or any legal requirement as well as to act in protection of the interests of sport organisms or other competent organisms;
3.2.10 To investigate in case of suspicion of illegal, fraudulent or inappropriate activities in connection with the use of our services;
3.2.11 To report a crime or suspected crime, including money laundering; and
3.2.12 any other purpose necessary for the performance of our contractual obligations with you.
3.3 We can store and process your information in our computer systems or in systems that belongs to third parties that will be able to store and process your information for us.
3.4 We (and any other company in our group of companies) will not send you unsolicited information regarding third parties and commercial promotions.
3.5 We (and any other company in our group of companies) may use your user name or name and region for advertising or promotional purposes.
3.6 We will be able to transfer your information in case of sale, business transfer or insolvency.
3.7 For crime prevention or detection, in addition to the responsible game, we may add complementary information to the one you have provide us with such the one we can receive from third parties or those data collected by third parties, including (and without limitation), information posted on internet about you or that you have posted about yourself (for example, social media)

4. Transfer of your information to other countries
4.1 In connection with the provision of our services, we may need to transfer information (including personal information) to:
4.1.1 Other companies in our group of companies and clients

5. Updating your information
5.1 You can update your personal information any time from your account by clicking in “My account/Modify data navigation button once you have accessed to your account or through our customer service. However, we may have to withhold some of your personal data for legitimate business, regulatory, or legal reasons.
5.2 We reserve the right to refuse petitions in which we are asked to provide or delete information that we consider to be irrational or extremely impractical (for example, if it requires a disproportionate physical or technical effort, or if it carries significant changes in our procedures and technology that impact in our ability to offer our services. 

6. Security information
We strive to protect your information and our services of access and not-authorized modification. This includes the use of several security measures to protect the information that we, or third parties, keep from you once transferred to our systems.
Subject to the uses described in this privacy policy, we will strive to treat all your information with strict confidentiality and take the steps reasonably necessary to ensure the safety of your personal data once it has been transferred to our systems.  However, internet is not a safe environment and we cannot guarantee the security of any data you decide to share online. You accept the security risks that entail to facilitate information on internet and you cannot make us liable in case of any breach of security unless it is due to negligence or fraudulent conduct by our side.

7. IP Address
Your browser automatically generates other information, including the language in which the page is displayed, your Internet Protocol address (“IP Address”). An IP address is a series of numbers assigned to your computer during an Internet session connecting through your services provider or through your network (for example, if you access Internet via a computer at work). Your IP address is automatically detected by our servers and is used to collect traffic data on visitors to our website. We also use your IP address to detect problems with our servers, and to manage our website.

8. Cookies
8.1. A "cookie" is a small text file that is downloaded to your access device when you visit a website to get information from your browser about your preferences. Cookies allow us to maximize your experience on our website and to increase its functionality allowing us to remember your information when moving from page to page and from visit to visit, depending on the cookie. Cookies do not damage your access device and do not contain viruses or malware.
8.2. Each cookie performs a different task. For example, some cookies are strictly essential and/or functional, as your language preferences. These are important as they allow you to be logged on the website and prevent you from having to be logging in every time you access to different parts of the website. Other cookies have an analytical or promotional function. They tell us how you move through our web and allow us to make sure that we can provide you with the best possible experience on our website. We also use cookies to get information about your access devices. (IP address, device type, geolocation, browser information) to help us to identify and prevent fraud or detect prohibited practices that may affect the customer experience. We only receive information from your access device when you log in your account at PartnersMy, when we use third-party cookies, they are subject to check-in restrictions to ensure that we protect personal data in accordance with legal requirements.
8.3. You can control your privacy and security settings. While prevention of certain cookies may affect the use and enjoyment of the website, to learn more about cookies and how to manage them, please visit our FAQs.
8.4. Please, make sure you have read the clause 24 of our terms and conditions of use to have more information on how and why we use cookies to process the information.
8.5. When continuing using the web you accept the use of cookies.

9. Contact
Please, if at any time you consider that we have not complied with the provisions detailed in this privacy policy, notify us by contacting customer service and we will use all reasonably viable efforts to determine and (in case it is applicable) correct any issue.